Friends and Neighbors ATV Club was founded April 8, 2000, consisting of 17 individuals from Liberty and Palermo, ME who thought a local ATV Club would be a good idea. Pete and Leona Billing opened their home for club and officer meetings and pot luck suppers until March 3, 2001, when the Liberty Masonic Hall on Route 220 was rented. From then until November 2010, meetings, Landowner Appreciation Suppers, and ATV Safety Courses were held there. In January 2011 the club moved to the Sheepscot Fish and Game Clubhouse in Palermo.

Founding members of the Club were as follows:

  • From Liberty, Doug Millay, Bill Batchelder, Dennis Libby, Kris Johnson, and Nelson Stevens.
  • From Montville, Matt Freeman.
  • From Palermo, Oscar Saban, Pete and Leona Billing, Millard Saban, Jr., Robert Hannan, Jim Jones, Bruce Leeman, Roger and Gail Howard, Jim Poulin, and Ken Farrell, Jr.
  • Visiting officers from the Four Seasons Club were Dean Sheaff, Buddy Gower and Ed Haskell.

First year officers of Friends and Neighbors were as follows:

  • President: Oscar Saban
  • Vice President: Nelson Stevens
  • Secretary: Leona Billing
  • Treasurer: David “Pete” Billing
  • Trailmaster: Dennis Libby
  • Safety Coordinator: Robert Hannan